About Us
The first commercial 3G (3rd generation) communication networks were introduced in mid-2001, so we established the GINCOM (Generation Immediately Newer COMmunication) to update ourselves for following up the trend of microwave communication technology during the similar time frame.

GINCOM Technology Corporation is set up by 4 persons with over 50 years of experience at garage of private home in San Jose in Year 2001. We make and develop some Microwave components with related advanced materials for ourselves and our customers.

We have some Microwave components and the related materials listed below for your reference. Such as Gold Wire and Ribbon,the most common approach in thermosonic bonding is to ball-bond to the chip, then stitch-bond to the substrate ;Metal Microstampings with Kovar, molybdenum, tungsten, copper, Silvar, and various other metallic materials commonly found in metal and ceramic packages and are used as jumper chips, bonding pads, covers, heat sinks, lead frames, tabs, terminals or other components on microelectronic assemblies and packages,some of these parts are supplied after nickel plating or gold plating.

You are welcome to feel free to contact with us for any questions at the following contact information.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 612-987-0027
Address: 1310 OSSA ST., HENDERSON, NV 89052, USA.